Hidden Hands of Western human rights claims in the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia

Hidden Hands of Western human rights claims in the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia 
Author: Ali
Fathi-based lawyer a justice - at 2:06 pm. I 13/01/1391


Why Westerners killed by armed opponents of the Syrian regime, the resolution expressed their concern over the resolution, but at around 44 thousand Nhmh murder and rape women and murder of thousands of legal action to act in Bosnia, ignored and forgotten. Prior permission of the Serbs were not the crime of the West? You claim that America and Great Britain invaded Afghanistan to fight terrorism and AAC I put NATO and Western countries to do this unwillingly dragged useful for legal conducted in Bosnia, and sometimes acts of discrimination and games political, historical disasters that led to the human being into you and surprises you and makes the guardians of human rights, the legal order of international organizations were doing  valuable direction to the issue of these measures Another way of re-done or will this genocide and the other with green light and another attempt will Pdydavrdn Vsakhtn Qaeda and the world should be so unaware of these actions was not an impartial prosecutor of the International Members UN General Assembly that the owners have no veto power to influence the strategies of the indictment and subsequent formation of a fair and impartial international court rulings to the members of the General Assembly or Security Council nor the Council's current Council power and independence from outside influence and domination, and if it takes is some power of the prosecutor and the court may order the temporary and resolutions that have practical, and the General Assembly to be able for its implementation guarantee the genocide and crimes some crazy power and takeWhen the veto?   power. you when this dream will be  When the aggression and genocide  be devoted to the world will   
prevention will be the first
؟ What was the reason for the war that toppled Saddam lack of thousands of Shiite Muslims and Kurds killed by Saddam Hussein's crazy?... Why should
the sanctions and looting of Iraqi oil under various pretexts Jndyn years with the no-fly zones and weapons used in the cost of freedom buried ...... Kuwait ...
Were supplied to the
. Countries with reliable data cleansing
and genocide in Iraq by Saddam's Iraq was the next to attack and occupy the opponent's not.
.. West supported Saddam's invasion of Kuwait immediately release seem fair because West
did not hesitate in this regard its political and military support and billions of dollars from the Treasury, although the Arabs, but that it violated the Islamic Iran Iraq revealed that the time to Javier Perez Dkvyar The United Nations declared the Iraqi aggressor, not the usual action by the West but also
political and military support of the people did not hesitate to Iran over Iran's actions in the West will not forget it's difficult to forget Furthermore, after centuries of Mongol This behavior seems not to discriminate on political and human rights only if it is stated that the West and the great powers for human rights or support to people suffering are not autocrats but by their
colonial policies in the world and plans of the Zionist regime and human rights in the region are Pyah also hangs over this action only fans with a look to the West by puppet rulers, such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia, and ...

Forget the West or the Middle East crisis brought political and economic purposes and human rights advocates and seek peace in the world does not forget the effective action in reducing the power of a great country and western
.... Members of the UN General Assembly and not to take action and adopt measures Nnmaynd without disrupting the balance of religious and ethnic genocide and will be repeated across the world and its interests and policies of the colonial and Zionist Western houses
incomes particles will In the wake of Iran's call for action, especially by political leaders of the Islamic Revolution and the overthrow Vdyny onset familial and hereditary monarchy and the beginning of the campaign and support the Bosnian Muslims and Serbs during the war with Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation to combatants and .....
. Holy Mytny achieve this goal on the constitution and . their rights as Anshaa to win and will not

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